Kervin J. Smith is a Prolific Author, and has written several books such as:

"Poor No More I'm Making The Switch To Rich"
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Most teachings on prosperity focus only on the financial aspects of life. In Poor No More: Make the Switch to Rich, Dr. Kervin J. Smith takes a broader approach. True prosperity affects every area of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as financial. It relates to every sphere of our interactions with people, home, family, church, school, work, and community. A new age of prosperity is dawning, and God is looking for people who know how to position themselves to receive the abundant blessings He is preparing to pour out.

“Prophetic Power”
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God spoke at the beginning of creation, and He still desires to speak today. He looks for consecrated, obedient vessels to be His prophetic voice in the earth. Are you called to be a messenger to this generation?  A prophet hears from heaven, feels God's heart, and declares His will.  He also reveals God's plans for the future – often long before they unfold.  Learn what the Bible says about the calling to prophetic ministry, judging prophecy, and walking in prophetic revelation.

In this book you will discover:

  • Why God Himself is prophetic
  • The cost of the prophetic call
  • Why prophets are misunderstood
  • Benefits of prophetic ministry
  • How to flow in the prophetic

"Overcoming the Enemy Within"
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Life's troubled waters can lead even the most faith-filled and motivated of us to contemplate letting go of our dreams, our goals, and our God-given destiny.

  • A failed job or career.
  • A failed relationship.
  • An unresolved issue that haunts you with remorse and condemnation.
  • A broken promise that has filled you with despair.
  • An illness that has left you broken in body and disillusioned in spirit.

It's when we are at our lowest that enemies lurking deep inside can derail us from life's richest rewards.

In this power-packed book based on John 5:1-9, Dr. Kervin J. Smith reveals the secret to overcoming the "enemy within" that works to destroy God's great plan for your life, and shows how you can rise from every defeat you've faced and walk victoriously into God's best for you.

"Your Destiny Now"
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It’s the truth!  God created you for success, victory, and abundance in every area of life!  “If that’s the case,” you might be wondering, “then why is life so difficult?  Why am I struggling in my finances, my career, my relationships, my emotions – in just about every area?  Why do the goals and dreams I’ve held so closely for so many years seem so far out of reach?”

In this powerful and profound book, best-selling author and speaker Dr. Kervin J. Smith shows the secrets you can use to rise above the trials and hardships all of us face, and the personal keys that will open the door to the fulfillment of your deepest held hopes and desires.

Maybe you’re facing difficulties and challenges that seem to block your way at every turn.  Perhaps you’ve even felt like giving up.  But take heart:  Hope and destiny are within your reach.  As you read, you’ll discover the foundational secrets that will empower you to turn the corner and embrace God’s best for you:

“How to turn you weakness into strengths.”

“How to let go of your past and embrace a rich and fulfilling future.”

“Why having the right friends and associates is key to your future.”

"When Women Talk, Men Should Listen"
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In this powerful and anointed book, author and speaker Kervin J. Smith shares honestly from Scripture and personal experience about the crucial and God ordained differences between men and women, and how men can realize incredible spiritual momentum by listening to the hearts of the women in their lives. You will learn:

  • What are women saying that men need to hear?
  • How God speaks through women.
  • Why women tend to be more naturally open and receptive to hear God's voice.
  • How differences between men and women are essential for a powerful church.

"Living Single: The Different Faces of Singleness"
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Being single is not a disease or a defect. "It has nothing to do with failure." And most importantly singleness is not a sentence to a life of loneliness.

You are NOT being punished!

Being single is an opportunity that many miss "an opportunity to discover YOU, your dreams, your passions and desires." And only you have the power to choose how effectively you will live your single years." Learn how to embrace your 'single season' and journey to personal wholeness.

In Living Single Kervin Smith dispels all the false notions about being single, demystifies the age old secrets and introduces you to an entirely different way of thinking about single life. "When you see yourself as God sees you" 'as a whole person, full of destiny and potential' your single life will change from lonely desperation to confident well-being.

"Living Single" and loving it! "What are you waiting for?" A new and vibrant future is just around the corner!

“Jezebel’s Church”
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Are you being held hostage by the spirit of Jezebel? Is the spirit of Jezebel running rampant in your life or your church?

Whether you're a pastor, leader or lay member in the Body of Christ, you have probably experienced the catastrophic effect of the spirit of Jezebel. This spirit has been allowed to split churches, destroy families and ruin lives. Two of Jezebel's most powerful tools are manipulation and intimidation, which eventually leads an individual to devastation. This destructive spirit will bring division, confusion and deception to everyone who refuses to willingly submit to its control. Once this spirit kidnaps you, it will not voluntarily let you go. The 21st Century Church must be equipped to recognize the influence of Jezebel before she squeezes the life out of the Church.

"Jezebel's Church is the first of a trilogy of books by the author intended to help you expose and deal with the spirit of Jezebel. This powerful and informative book will identify the nature and origin of the spirit of Jezebel and explain how the spirits of manipulation and intimidation operate in concert with that spirit.

"Jezebel's Church" includes case studies on individuals who have been victims of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional abuse causes by this spirit going unchecked.

After you read "Jezebel's Church", you will be able to identify your Jezebel, break free from her control, and take back your life and your church.

"Body Building: Getting the Church in Shape"
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How do you think Jesus Christ, Head of the Church, feels about his Body? Does He see a well-proportioned, strong Church - or an out-of-shape couch potato?

When Christians succumb to laziness and sin, our spiritual muscles atrophy. Failing to exercise ourselves with the Word of God, we find our warfare weak and ineffective.

The Body of Christ needs a good spiritual workout. God has sent the Holy Ghost, our personal trainer, to get us ready for competition. Will we submit to the rigors of His discipline in this season of preparation? The eternal prize that awaits us demands our very best effort.


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